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Essonne is a department in "Ile de France". At the heart of  "Ile de France" is Paris. L'essonne is located 20 km south of Paris.

Our county has different aspects : The proximity of Paris, Versailles, Euro Disney and the Castles of the Loire give Essonne a good central position from which to visit many attractions.
This web site's purpose is to help you with business or travel. You will find ideas for walking, the phone numbers of the most important shops, maps and links to other web sites.

The name Essonne comes from the river "Essonne" that flows across the department into the river "Seine'.

what is Essonne ?

About our logo : what is ADETTE and why 91 ?
  • ADETTE is an association of people that want to promote this department.
  • 91 is the department's number. You can see it in the post code of each town and on car number plates.

Usually, the department number depends on its order in the alphabet (for example 01 for "Ain", 02 "Aisne", and so on...) but Essonne was created in 1964 by the splitting of "Seine et Oise", a big department, into 5 new ones. The last number was 90 "Territoire de Belfort", so we chose 91 "Essonne", 92 "Hauts de Seine"... .

why 91 ?

Each of the 196 communes (between 61 and more than 40000 inhabitants) are described on the economy page, where you will find the population, maps, links to specific web sites and useful information such as bakeries, garages and restaurants.

Camp sites and holiday homes are listed. Have fun surfing on our site.

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